Care instructions

For our products we use leathers from certified tanneries that make the best use of resources, wastes and the correct use of waters in the tanning process. We use cow skins and leather linings remnants from the food industry, we do not use exotic skins. Our production is locally made at our workshop in Bogotá, all our pieces are handmade, the cutting process is by hand, some pieces are seed by hand other by machine and the optimization of the material. 
We want our clients  to understand the value of a well crafted piece, to consume consciously by understanding the whole process and story behind each of our pieces.

Para nuestros productos usamos cueros de curtiembres certificadas que hacen uso adecuado de los residuos, el manejo del agua en su proceso de curtición y llevan una trazabilidad adecuada de sus pieles. Todos los cueros que usamos son cueros residuos de la industria alimenticia, no usamos pieles exóticas.

Todo nuestro proceso de producción es local y de manera artesanal, desde el corte hasta la confección es a mano y en maquina, el aprovechamiento del material es clave para el proceso de producción, aprovechamos todos cortes y optimizamos el uso de los materiales.
El pago justo y en condiciones dignas es fundamental para la marca, trabajan de la mano con un artesano marroquinero que cuenta con su propio taller de confección.

We use selected skins, but it is important to mention that the leather as a natural material may come with defects, marks, and lines because of its origin. The colors may change or vary a little with the time and the use.

Trabajamos con cueros seleccionados. Es importante mencionar que el cuero al ser un material natural puede venir con defectos como marcas, rasguños o rayas, esto es normal debido a su origen, los colores pueden variar un poco por su pigmentación y con el uso.  Esto es normal y es parte de la vejez y uso del material.

Care recommendations

- Avoid the contact of the product with dyes, perfumes, corrosive substances or  garments that discolor cause they may create spots or stain the leather
- Avoid direct contact to strong heat sources
- Do not use solvents or home cleaning products on leather
- Do not apply pressure or rub
- To keep your bag clean, please use a lightly moistened cloth with cleaning neutral cream. Do not use solvents that contain alcohol. Avoid contact with water cause may stain the leather or alter the natural appearance of the leather.
-  For storing your bag and keep it in perfect conditions, we recommend to fill it with silk paper and with the dustabg. To keep the shape and structure avoid placing heavy objects over the handbag.
-  Acetate, as a delicate material and easy to scratch, avoid hitting the Surface or direclty, and touching it with rough things that may scratch it. To clean the acetate use clean cloth without dust to keep the surface shiny.
If you have questions please contact us via email,