Honoring our ancestors, with their knowledge they give us an example on the way we must protect and preserve our ecosystems as the main reason and inspiration for this collection. Understand the way we are interconnected with the nature and how these cultures teach us how to preserve and understand our roots.

For this collection we were inspired by the ancestral nomads and their artisanal techniques in the creation and development of containers and baskets as the extension of our body.

Earthy color palette and neutral tones as warmsand that contrast with the raw color of the mesh in natural fiber. In honor for the Koreguaje community in Caqueta, Colombia, where the baskets and mesh are hand knitted with traditional techniques.

Clean silhouettes with simple construction, geometric shapes, volumes and structures that contrast with the materials and softness of each piece. Blend of hand knitted  baskets and mesh in natural fiber (palm of Cumare)  together with soft full grain leathers.